Horse Hockey


A horse, a deer and a cow all eat grass.. yet a deer produces little pellets, a horse produces clumps of dry grass, and a cow produces a big patty. Why is that?

Don’t know? Then why do you insist on talking about immigration law when you don’t know crap?

The Fairer Sex

Some of the marching group much deserve criticism. As do many men and society as a whole. We have disrespected women to a large degree. We’ve raised women who carry on this tradition (sadly) and muddy the waters. Women of a bygone era certainly deserved better than womanizers, and as a society, we should rise above this rather than debasing everyone in an attempt to equalize us all. I set women on a pedestal of respect– however, some of what I’ve seen in recent times makes that very hard.

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Oklahoma Legislature votes on new State song.

Oklahoma’s legislature met last week to approve an update to the aging state song.

In a rare show of solidarity, the measure was approved almost unanimously in both the house and senate. The Governor signed the bill with little fanfare, and the new song is now official. We must admit that we’re a little sad to see the old “Oklahoma” go, but I think you’ll recognize this tune as much as you did the old state song.