Why me, Lord?


You can learn much from other people, but don’t forget that your life is a good mentor.

Hard fights make heroes. Heroes make leaders, and good leaders lead others to even greater success.

You’ve got this!

Don’t sulk, study. Don’t be a pessimist, be prepared! In the end, you’ll stop whining and start winning.

Study the lessons well and you’ll stop asking “Why Me?” and instead say “Of course Me!”

Weird Compass


When your compass leads you in circles, you either have arrived, or your compass isn’t working. Either way, it’s time to find your own way.



Some noise must have awoken me. It must be around 3am. As I rub my eyes, turning over to go back to sleep, I see their lights shining in through the window. They are here– for what nefarious purpose I know not, but I do know that I must escape– and fast. Read more Ninja

An army of one: The failure of the us vs them mentality.


We all like to have our opinions and many of us fight to see those opinions help change the world for the better. Many of us default back to our instincts of fights, arguments, and debate. In order to have a fight, argument, or debate, there has to he an “other side”– a 2nd party or group; someone to oppose. When we’re not on the battlefield looking at our enemy, things become more subjective. Read more An army of one: The failure of the us vs them mentality.