When I first saw the grand canyon, my eyes were overwhelmed by the scale– my brain could not compute how immense this canyon was. It’s odd because the sky is above me, every day, and it really doesn’t do that to me. My brain imagines a “ceiling” up there painted with stars that are just a bit out of reach. Even though something huge like the universe, or the grand canyon, our brain somehow makes it seem small until we get a particular perspective– then suddenly it appears so big that cannot grasp what we’re experiencing. Nothing’s ever felt as big as the grand canyon felt that first time I saw it– not the Earth, not even the night sky– even though I know that both are much bigger. As I see several people struggling with deaths, hardships, and even current events around the world..I know they’re huge, but when you get right up close to them, your mind somehow loses all sense of scale. This huge issue you’re standing next to seems bigger than anything: bigger than your own life, bigger than family– bigger than God. I totally felt this way when 9/11 happened. It shook me like nothing else ever had. I didn’t know what to think. I was so shaken, I just left work. I ran to the church, I prayed, I cried– I literally felt helpless. In those few days after 9/11, I stepped further and further away from daily concerns and focused on God. Slowly, as I got closer and closer, that sense of awe– that sense of complete incomprehension of the size and importance– turned from the tragedy that had happened, to the God that still stood, unshaken by it all. I started to realize how much bigger his love is than anything I could imagine. It was nearly impossible to process– just like 9/11 had been– but instead of anxiety or fear of the unknown, the experience brought perfect peace– and in the midst of one of the biggest calamities I’d ever witnessed, I experienced joy unspeakable. It made a huge difference in my life. I grew up in church, I was raised in a Christian home, but until that happened, I had never experienced God like that before. Since then, I compare every tragedy, every scary thought, every bad experience to the infinite love of God I experienced after 9/11.

If you’re going through something that has your brain and heart completely broken, I urge you to focus on God. Just like the grand canyon, God is there, 24/7. Just keep moving closer and you will start to get a glimpse of the scale of him– and you’ll learn that he’s 100% love. That love is for you! It’s indescribable, and it’ll change your life for the better. If you don’t know God, I urge you to find a church or that Christian friend you know is strong in the faith, or if all else fails, message me. I’d like to tell you about the God that has never failed me. You can know him too! I promise you, perfect peace is there– for you.
“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Should a Christian tell their children what to think about gender issues?

This post is not an attack on you or how you live your life, if you disagree with the Bible, feel free to skip this article entirely. I still love you. If you have any questions about God or his unconditional love for you, please email me at

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America, the beautiful.

America, the beautiful. You’ve forever held a sacred place in the hearts of worn and weary masses who long for liberty. When no place named America was on the map, you perpetually existed in the dreams of those who had never tasted freedom. Tyrants and dictators trembled at the idea you would some day appear. Still, the oppressed and confined toiled in the fields throughout history searching for you.

Just as the seed of man set ripe for another season of oppression and suffering, the collective souls of a generation clearly sensed your soon coming. From distant beaches and faraway lands they sailed, leaving their plows in the field and abandoning their homes in hopes of meeting you.

When they arrived at the land bearing your name, the weary pilgrims found no respite. The winters were cold, the land unforgiving, and the comforts and pleasures of home were a world away. Although they had voyaged across an ocean, the seas had not yet cleansed humanity’s soul. Though the masses reveled at finding you, the roots of oppression ran deep; many could not suffer that you were for all. The distant tyrants could not suffer you at all.

Your enemy’s sails filled the harbor, their troops assembled at the city gates, but the free and slave alike stood firm in defense of you. Through 7 long years of blood and death, they fought for you. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, they found your enemies among their brethren. Brother fought brother in defense of you. The echo of wars has not yet faded; still we defend you.

You’ve taught us so much, yet there is much more we have not yet began to comprehend. We stray from your ways, yet your guiding light still shines, and your arms remain open.

We thank the God of creation for the blessings he has bestowed upon you. May you always remain a beacon of hope and a reflection of the freedom that God desires for us all. May your children ever honor God, love one another, and always seek peace.

— Joe Love

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Morals on Laurels

We live in a world where the boy scouts accept girls, yet have all girl troops. Some fight against the death penalty and for mid-birth abortions. Some fight to teach young kids about sex, yet shield them from knowledge of God. Some complain about corporate greed, yet constantly support using other people’s money to benefit themselves.

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