The Fairer Sex

Some of the marching group much deserve criticism. As do many men and society as a whole. We have disrespected women to a large degree. We’ve raised women who carry on this tradition (sadly) and muddy the waters. Women of a bygone era certainly deserved better than womanizers, and as a society, we should rise above this rather than debasing everyone in an attempt to equalize us all. I set women on a pedestal of respect– however, some of what I’ve seen in recent times makes that very hard.

Women have openly accepted confused non-women into their ranks– some of which are among the more ugly behaving in the group. Instead of training our daughters to live up to the shining example of what it means to be the fairer sex, we’ve taught them that they can behave just as base and just as animalistic as the worst of their male counterparts. When I see women using their genitalia as a protest mascot, it’s quite sad. You all hold the sacred spirit of femininity , and to desecrate it in such a way is sad. It’s sad when men do it, it’s more sad when women admit defeat in this way. If the goal is to prove that we all have a right to desecrate and denigrate femininity, then we’ve proved that.

I’d love to see women rise above the base actions that men often resort to. I’d love to see women respect themselves in such a way that it brings us all to tears as to how we’ve objectified many women and sexuality in general.

Women give up a lot when they go to work, and personally I’d rather pay them to raise up our children to behave better than we’ve seen on TV– and I do work so that the woman in my life can perform that important and sacred work of building a better home and therefore a better world. A woman should be able to choose to work if she so desires, but I think our world has forced many women into the work force. They do need to be compensated very well for their work, as much as men for sure, and they need a lot of respect for pulling the weight that men should be pulling. Again, this may be an outdated look on things, but I guess it was how I was raised. I’m saddened to see women forced into the work force, then paid less and disrespected when many of them are just trying to make ends meet for their families. This is not to say that a working woman is anything less than a homeworker, but they give up a lot, and their families pay , and society pays for not having women teach our children how to live, behave, and yes, respect women.

The worst of these demonstrators are an eye-opening example of what it is to not know anything about the sacred task of being a woman, a mother, a guide, and a positive influence on our culture.

I have no idea how to bring some of these things back to the way it was, but we need more mothers who respect themselves and teach our daughters to do the same. We can progress without destroying ourselves– I believe that. We have to find a way.