Some noise must have awoken me. It must be around 3am. As I rub my eyes, turning over to go back to sleep, I see their lights shining in through the window. They are here– for what nefarious purpose I know not, but I do know that I must escape– and fast.

Like a ninja I slither to the bedroom floor, careful to avoid the beams illuminating various objects in the room. At an opportune moment, I jump up, pressing my body against the wall next to the window. As I take a moment to collect myself, I ascertain my surroundings. The lights are coming in through the window next to me, but not the one on the other side of the room. If I time it just right, I can bolt through the doorway without being noticed.

One, two, three…I make my move. As I pass through the door, I work my way to the adjacent bedroom to see if I can get a look outside. To my horror, the lights are in this room as well. I run to the end of the hallway towards the front of the house. At that very moment, a shrieking noise broke from the silence and I fell to my knees. In my horror, it probably took me 10 or 15 seconds to recognize this noise.. my alarm clock.

As I moved in a daze towards the front of the house, I realized the correct time. It was around 6:30 am. My fear subsiding, I cautiously snuck back to the bedroom and made a startling discovery. The light illuminating my room was just the morning sunrise.

With my family safe, it’s time for this Ninja to rest up for the next battle.

Note: This story actually happened. Not to me, but to another member of my household who shall remain nameless.