America, the beautiful.

America, the beautiful. You’ve forever held a sacred place in the hearts of worn and weary masses who long for liberty. When no place named America was on the map, you perpetually existed in the dreams of those who had never tasted freedom. Tyrants and dictators trembled at the idea you would some day appear. Still, the oppressed and confined toiled in the fields throughout history searching for you.

Just as the seed of man set ripe for another season of oppression and suffering, the collective souls of a generation clearly sensed your soon coming. From distant beaches and faraway lands they sailed, leaving their plows in the field and abandoning their homes in hopes of meeting you.

When they arrived at the land bearing your name, the weary pilgrims found no respite. The winters were cold, the land unforgiving, and the comforts and pleasures of home were a world away. Although they had voyaged across an ocean, the seas had not yet cleansed humanity’s soul. Though the masses reveled at finding you, the roots of oppression ran deep; many could not suffer that you were for all. The distant tyrants could not suffer you at all.

Your enemy’s sails filled the harbor, their troops assembled at the city gates, but the free and slave alike stood firm in defense of you. Through 7 long years of blood and death, they fought for you. When the smoke cleared and the dust settled, they found your enemies among their brethren. Brother fought brother in defense of you. The echo of wars has not yet faded; still we defend you.

You’ve taught us so much, yet there is much more we have not yet began to comprehend. We stray from your ways, yet your guiding light still shines, and your arms remain open.

We thank the God of creation for the blessings he has bestowed upon you. May you always remain a beacon of hope and a reflection of the freedom that God desires for us all. May your children ever honor God, love one another, and always seek peace.

— Joe Love

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Morals on Laurels

We live in a world where the boy scouts accept girls, yet have all girl troops. Some fight against the death penalty and for mid-birth abortions. Some fight to teach young kids about sex, yet shield them from knowledge of God. Some complain about corporate greed, yet constantly support using other people’s money to benefit themselves.

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Are billionaires hoarding YOUR money?

You can look at a guy like Bill Gates and see him as a Billionaire who has more money than he can ever spend and think that he just hoarded it all for himself, but he’s got a plan to give it all away and end many diseases in the process. You can say the same about Elon Musk, but some day he’ll be a part of history that gets us off this planet and brings us only God knows what.

Yeah, there are people that hoard what little they have, but some people just dream bigger than most of us ever dare. Don’t dog someone for being rich… try to figure out what they know that you you don’t, and try and pick up on the good parts if you can. The great thing about this life is that we’ve been given so much.. there’s more than enough resources– in fact, of just the resources on earth we know about, there are over 5 quadrillion dollars worth of raw materials– that means that every adult on earth could be a millionaire with lots left over. Don’t worry about how MUCH some have. Just be happy for the days you have left and the unlimited opportunities in those days.

Might as well face it we’re addicted to Spam.



In the early 1990’s, during the infancy of the internet, the first “spam” posts began to appear. Some were peddling dubious products, some were claiming the end of humanity and fulfillment of prophecy. As technology grew, so too did spam and it’s infiltration into the information you and I see every day.

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