Morals on Laurels

We live in a world where the boy scouts accept girls, yet have all girl troops. Some fight against the death penalty and for mid-birth abortions. Some fight to teach young kids about sex, yet shield them from knowledge of God. Some complain about corporate greed, yet constantly support using other people’s money to benefit themselves.

We’ve made this world a terribly complex place.

Most people get ahead by signing up for mountains of debt. We want a diverse and well funded education system, yet we build top-heavy monolithic education systems encouraging one set of values. We want diversity, yet, we never listen to opposing opinions. We want to feel peace, love, and joy– yet, we spend hours posting and reading negative things and arguing with people.

We’ve tried it man’s way, and It’s resulted in mass confusion. Every few years, we all accept things that would have caused us pause earlier in our lives. We nod, and reassure our friends when we know deep down they’re doing things we’d know better than to do.

All of this is because we’ve stopped trusting in our morality. We think that morality is fluid and “to each his own” should rule the day. We use or education credentials to tell ourselves that science has all the answers– and we can’t even determine when life begins, nor at what point it becomes valuable. We’ve gotten to the point where we can’t tell whether an eagle egg or a baby human is worth more. We’re afraid to tell a boy he’s a boy.

In the coming years, if we don change, it’ll get worse. The idea is already being floated that nobody should have to work for a living. Suicide is becoming more and more accepted. We’re opening up to the idea that maybe getting high really isn’t all that bad. We’ll be deciding not to treat patients who are deemed not worth the cost. And that’s just a couple of the things I’m sure will be happening in the next few years.

We need to do some soul searching. Whether you want to take it literally or figuratively, we’re facing a “come to Jesus” time in our history. We’ve got to develop a true moral compass and make some hard choices. We all know deep down that this system is broken. We’ve got to stop focusing on what is easy, what feels good, and what costs us nothing.

To see a change for the better, we have to be better ourselves. We’ve got to stand for what we know is right, and realize that nobody’s going to get a free pass in life. We’re all going to have to stand up– in our homes, at our workplaces, in church, and out in the world. We have to teach the world that there is no avoiding our problems– we can’t legislate them away, invent happiness, get something for nothing, or avoid all conflict. We’ve tried, and honestly we’ve made it much worse.

Are there things in your life that you now tolerate that used to bother you? Is it possible that you’ve allowed new-school thinking to cloud better judgement? Is it possible that your mom or your praying grandma were right about a few things? We all need to ask ourselves these things and determine if we want to keep heading in the direction we’re going. There’s no math problem that can answer moral questions. It takes moral people to do that. Let’s not let morality continue to die in our own hearts. If you’re a praying person, pray.. and in any case, set a good example. Be bold, call out moral issues with your kids, yourself, and those around you. Arguing on facebook and writing your congressmen isn’t going to change things unless we change things in our hearts, our homes, and in our real lives. We’ve got to confront these things face-to-face and day-to-day. Go do it. I’ll be praying for you.