The Night Before Trumpmas

By Joe Love

‘Twas the night before Trumpmas when all through the house
Nobody was sleeping, they wanted him out
The air horns were out beside red caps and pins
In hopes that The Donald would soon be sworn in

The children were posting on Facebook and Twitter
But some of their friends couldn’t help but be bitter
And Mom and I sat on the couch with a grin
Waiting for America to be great again

When on the TV there arose such a clatter
I honestly didn’t know what was the matter
I ran to the TV and turned up the sound
As all of the family gathered around

The news anchor coughed as he wiped off his brow
As if to say “what will become of me now?”
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
A motorcade ush’ring out 8 torrid years

A limo door opened and up from the seat
Came the one that we’d call the Commander In Chief
Most of the crowd arose to their feet
But some in attendance were white as a sheet:

Obama and Biden, John Kerry, Jack Lew,
Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Hillary too
From the very front row, all the way to the back
The crowd knew he wasn’t another Barack

He walked toward the venue and gave a wide wave
A hush filled the place as the man took the stage.

So Trump and the Justice to center stage came
With his hand on the Bible, Trump stated his name.
He completed the oath and said “So help me God”
Again, it erupted in thunderous applause.

He walked to the podium, gave his address
Long story short, a resounding success
The event now over, he gave up the stage
And walked to the crowd that he wished to engage

Congratulations accepted from some public figures
But with Obama, a handshake, a smile, and a whisper

No mics were on, I don’t know what transpired
But I think that he said “By the way, you’re fired!”