Different strokes

I’ll accept and tolerate your way of life 99% of the time (unless you’re a murderer or something).You are a human and you have as much right to this planet as anyone else. I won’t necessarily teach my kids that the things you do are acceptable for them, or that they’re allowed in my house. Don’t expect me to celebrate any of your life choices, good or bad. If you become president, graduate college, get saved or baptized, win the lottery, or get a promotion, I’ll celebrate with you on that.

You do you and don’t worry about whether or not I would make your same choices. Also, please respect the fact that I have opinions and that they may differ from yours. If I tell you that certain things are offensive to me and that my children and I choose not to participate in them, please don’t push the matter. This is me making every effort to be nice. Of the options available to you, this one is best.

I value you as a human. I want to spend the rest of eternity with you in heaven. I’m just trying to figure out this whole “life” thing, the same as you are. I’ll try not to assume I’m always right and that you are wrong, but I ask that you return the same courtesy.

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