Freedom and Serfdom in Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, we’re an odd bunch. We’re known throughout the world as being the capital of Tornado Alley, we’re buckle of the Bible Belt, and we’re known as the home of many Native American tribes. Our state began with a land run, literally giving many people a shot at freedom of the type only the pilgrims got to experience, while still living in a thriving country with a growing infrastructure. Read more Freedom and Serfdom in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Legislature votes on new State song.

Oklahoma’s legislature met last week to approve an update to the aging state song.

In a rare show of solidarity, the measure was approved almost unanimously in both the house and senate. The Governor signed the bill with little fanfare, and the new song is now official. We must admit that we’re a little sad to see the old “Oklahoma” go, but I think you’ll recognize this tune as much as you did the old state song.